Saturday, September 22, 2012

Look No Further Than to the Bio Field on your Twitter Page

     There is enough flaming on the internet, so I'll try to keep this constructive and positive... :| .

     Andrew Coyne, your recent article for the post regarding the lack of honesty and truth in politics was not necessarily poorly constructed, but misleading and disingenuous? You better believe it.

     You are just as bad as those who you are singling out in your article. Assuming that you, and not your editor, choose the title and the picture associated with the piece in question, it is unprofessional and manipulative for you to trash the Tory government while providing absolutely no factual information to support your claims. I read your article twice and could not find any crumb of an argument which reinforced the title.

     Your bio says you have worked for the post for over 10 years, you should know better. Seems like the article is an op piece, even still, from a supposedly seasoned journalist, it should be expected that your work, at least, meets some kind of minimum standard for quality. Save your rants and otherwise unfounded opinions for YOUR blog and the pub.

     If you actually want to learn something about the issue which you seem to have butchered, a good read for you would be "The Assault on Reason" by Al Gore. There is at least some good substantiated claims made by Gore on the issue, some that you may enjoy.

Link to Andrew's Article

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