Thursday, August 16, 2012

Am I Using the Wong "Blog" Service?

Tumblr seems pretty darn cool. But, with so many competing socially driven Internet outlets these days, I do not find myself compelled to move due to what may prove to be an instantaneous surge in both popularity and functionality. 

 I hrt xkcd. 

This one is for all you conspiracy theorists out there. Chatter on why tumblr's traffic appears to be duplicitous and relatively inflated.

Great Author

In the midst of a casual read, "How the Universe got its Spots", by J Levin.

Incredibly seizing, the author explains the most difficult concepts with effortless ease.

Quick and impressionable.  Equally as good as her later work, but drastically different. The work doubles as short journal entries strung together with a 'the lost letter' feel as Levin aims to clear the ontological hurdles preventing her from sharing her life experiences with her mother.