Thursday, June 14, 2012


Clonezilla is a great open source clone system released by those beauties in Taiwan's national software lab.

Parted magic,, is a very complete disaster recovery distro that includes Clonezilla. Very handy if I may say so.

If you cannot be bothered to switch over to another distro to use Clonezilla, there is a way to install it.  This for ubuntu, although I'm sure it could be applied to rpm based distros. Original credit:

- Download the Clonezilla ISO, open and extract the /live/filesystem.squashfs file to ~/, or wherever.
- Open terminal, create a new mkdir in your media folder (optional. In this example I created tempmount), and mount filesystem.squashfs file there. You will need to be root.

$ cd **wherever you extracted the filesystem.squashfs file**
$ mount -t squashfs ./filesystem.squashfs /media/tempmount -o loop

- Copy the opt/drbl folder to your opt folder. You will need to be root.

$ sudo cp -r /media/tempmount/opt/drbl /opt

- Add Clonezilla PATH environment variable. You will need to be root.

$ sudo nano /root/.bashrc

- Append this to the .bashrc file: PATH=$PATH:/opt/drbl:/opt/drbl/bin:/opt/drbl/sbin
- Ctrl+O to save. Ctrl+X to exit.
- Exit terminal.

- Run Clonezilla as:

$ sudo clonezilla


The only downside running Clonezilla outside of Parted Magic is that it will not be able to interact with the active disk on which it is installed. So if you have Clonezilla images saved on the boot drive, you may need to move them.

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